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File Description
Great news to those avid user of the XLink Kai service. A certain Japanese coder named Yuki-mi has released a nifty plugin, based on the program, that allows you to run Xlink Kai without any adapter.
- Windows XP 32bit (It's possible in Vsita or 7 64bit, but trouble.
- Xlink Kai 7.4
- PSP-3000 + 5.03GEN-C for HEN
- PSP USB Cable

from Hawk_The_Slayer over at the teamxlink forums:
Before you start, a quick disclaimer:
Xlink Kai has not created this plug-in, nor do we recommend you use it. It is downloaded and used by Kai users by their choice only. Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems or malfunctions to either Kai, your PSP or p/c that might be caused by the use of this plug-in.
A further disclaimer:
As this plug-in ONLY works with CFW PSP’s, we need to mention that ANY OTHER PLUGIN, PROGRAM, SAVEDATA OR APPLICATION that allows the PSP user to cheat online with Xlink, can and will be permanently banned. This plug-ins sole purpose is for CFW PSP users play online with Xlink Kai without the need for a wireless adapter and is in no way an advert or invitation for people to cheat during online Kai play. For further info on this, read the AUP



1 下载文件解压包

2 解压出来,AdhocToUSB 文件夹里是PC端

3 seplugins 文件夹里是PSP端

4 USB_driver 是TYPE B的驱动文件

5 WinPcap_4_1_2.exe 是环境文件

6 MengZone_Setup_1124.rar是盟区平台客服端

7 先安装盟区平台客服端 装完运行

8 然后把seplugins复制到棒子的根目录

9 然后安装WinPcap_4_1_2.exe 默认安装就好

10 PSP运行游戏  然后运行AdhocToUSB文件夹里的bridge.exe程序

11 PSP用USB连上 会提示安装TYPE B驱动 手动指定安装目录到USB_driver 安装完成回到bridge.exe上